What do the Monterey Bay Makers make?

The Monterey Bay Makers are currently focused on producing personal protective equipment (PPE) to help protect our community members from the spread of COVID-19. If you would like to request one of the following PPE products free of charge, please fill out this form.
We hope these face shields can help keep you safe. Please exercise your professional judgment in their use. These products have not been FDA cleared or approved.

Please sanitize to your requirements before use. We recommend you use at least warm soapy water or an alcohol based sanitizing spray. Bleach based sanitizers may deteriorate the frame or fog the shield.

Brim Shield

The Brim Shield was designed by FormWerx as a simple shield meant for limited use. It fits on the brim of a baseball cap.

Heavyweight Face Shield

The heavyweight face shield is significantly more durable than the lightweight and is meant for long term and repeated use. It is possible to replace the shield material if it cracks or becomes scratched.

Ear Protectors

These ear protectors can help reduce the strain of wearing a face mask.